You will discover Campo de Fiori in the heart of Rome, just to the south of Corso Vittorio Emanuele. This used to be the place where heretics were burned to death for their beliefs in medieval times, but the last two centuries have seen it being used for much happier purposes and it has become one of the most popular shopping areas in Rome.

If you get there in the morning you will discover a huge open market with all the treasures associated with that, including some amazing fresh produce. Wander down the cobbled side streets and you will find a multitude of shops with items for sale as diverse as they are, such as reasonably priced fashion for both men and women, as well as furniture shops and workshops offering their crafts for sale.

Once your shopping is complete, don’t even consider letting that be the end to your day; there are some great bars, restaurants and nightclubs in Campo de Fiori!