Covent Garden has been a part of London’s shopping scene for centuries, and today it is still as vibrant and bustling as it’s ever been, with a wealth of shops, pubs and restaurants. The huge range of shops stock everything from toys to books to gifts to trendy clothes shops, as well as stores with big names, such as Apple, Disney and Gap.

Covent Garden is also renowned for its markets, which are the progeny of the buying and selling activity that has occurred here since the 17th century. Choose between the Apple Market, the Jubilee Market and the East Colonnade Market and find a plethora of antiques, household goods, clothing and handmade crafts such as soaps and jewelry.

When shopping becomes too much and you need a break, there’s no need to move away from Covent Garden; you’ll find plenty of places to eat or to grab a coffee or a beer – which means that you can spend all day here and have the time of your life.