Throughout the years, Greenwich Village has made a name for itself as housing a number of artists, college students, and various other people of unique walks of life, as well as being a great place to visit during your trip to New York.

Known for its bookstores, antique and record shops, food markets, and trendy clothing shops, the West Village offers a relaxed and quiet side to New York’s other more hectic touristy areas.

Around the area, you’ll also find a large amount of restaurants and bars, including some quite famous jazz bars. Because of the virtual “other city” qualities Greenwich Village has and its numerous quirky shops, this neighborhood is the overwhelmingly favourite place to visit among many visitors to the city.

When you’re on your trip to New York, give Greenwich Village a visit. It’s one of those areas in the city that everyone who visits will tell you you must see. You’ll find great buys and amazing atmosphere.