Found just near the famous Las Ramblas district, the Mercat de Sant Josep (or La Boqueriac as it is sometimes also known) is a massive market that is ideal for those wanting to experience first hand the produce of Spain, and get an idea of the culture of the country.

There are all manner of goods for sale here at this Barcelona Market, including some amazing produce stalls. Wander through and discover the large range of stands, from fresh fish counters boasting lobsters and crabs, so fresh out of the sea that you can still see them moving; to fruit and vegetable merchants showing off their wide display of colourful produce, all of which will send your taste-buds into ecstasy.

Children are sure to enjoy their time here too: there are sweet stalls that would make Willy Wonka jealous!

The locals here are friendly and helpful, and are sure to provide information and ideas of what to do with those new and exciting ingredients. If this doesn’t appeal to you however, then have a stroll down to one of the hot food stands and have someone else do all the hard work for you – delicious!