There is something for everyone in Barcelona because this is the city that doesn’t sleep. At the weekend, it’s not unusual to find that nightclubs are quiet until one or two o’ clock in the morning and then are teeming until about six! If you like something a little more relaxed then there are more and more lounge bars springing up, so you can drink and recline at the same time.

Las Ramblas is the place that most people start looking for nightlife in Barcelona, but make a detour down the side streets into areas like the Gothic Quarter and you’ll find lots of places, each with their own inimitable style.

The cost of getting into these places varies from club to club and depends on things such as who’s playing, what night it is and what time it is. Often, entrance is free before 1.00 am, but if you walk round there’s a good chance that you will be given a flyer that will gain you free admittance all night long. Some clubs have flyers that entitle you to a free drink, or have other offers. Besides being given these in the street, you can also find them in shops, cafés and bars.