The Rose Bar , situated in the upscale Gramercy Park Hotel, is one of the most romantically elegant bars in New York. The atmosphere in this establishment is eclectic and Bohemian. You’ll feel like you’re in the home of a sophisticated artist or a savvy collector.

The plush seats around the bar and the lovely blue background lighting does wonders for relaxation. The drinks here are just as appealing, with each cocktail mixed to a mastery of perfection. The Rose bar exudes the type of sophistication and electricity that one might expect in a world-class establishment and the complement of weekly live music makes your experience here even more wonderful.

You must make reservations if you plan on arriving after 9pm. The Rose Bar is the perfect place to bring a date or the person you’ve spent years with. This is truly one of the most unique bars in New York and is just as beautiful as the people inside of it.