If you want to dine in sophistication, but in an equally relaxing atmosphere, then the Aux Lyonnais is perfect for you. The décor of this amazing and classically French restaurant is elaborate, complex and intricate, adding a fantastic ambience to the place. The rustic dining furniture makes you feel like you’re in Old France, and the tile flooring is as beautifully decorated as the walls.

Two of the most popular entrees at this fantastically popular restaurant are frogs left with deft and pike-perch dumplings. Those who have been to the restaurant can easily recall the quality of their fantastic French food, and come back time and time again. When it comes to restaurants in Paris, the Aux Lyonnais is up there with the best.

Head Chef Alan Ducosse designed the place himself, and turned it from ‘just another restaurant’ into one of the most beautiful restaurants in Paris, offering some of the best tasting food. So give it a go!