Opened all the way back in 1917, the Ivy is a historic and frankly incredible place to eat. The reservation list is always long, but if you can get on the waiting list, it’s worth the wait. The Icy made its name by offering fantastic lunches and dinners, and is today one of the most prestigious places to eat. The gastropub is packed day and night, and offers a welcoming and bustling atmosphere.

You’ll find a whole range of people in the Ivy, from theatre-goers to well-dressed professionals. Tourists visit too, of course, but because of the long waiting list, most of the time you will meet locals and businessmen in the restaurant.

You’ll be treated to dishes like veal, pork belly and lamb, and some incredibly creative desserts. The interior of the place is impressive, too, decorated in mostly Art Deco. For a classy but homely feeling, make sure you visit the Ivy.