La Vinateria del Call is the kind of restaurant that you go to when you want to experience the real taste of Spain. You’ll find it tucked away in the Old Gothic Quarter of the town, and when you enter its doors you could be forgiven for believing that you have entered a cave. The lighting is low and the furniture is simple, but it all adds to a great atmosphere of warmth and richness that is impossible to find in a more modern restaurant.

The cured meats and cheeses are served alongside an array of speciality dishes all produced using only the best ingredients to create these Catalonian perfections.

This is the kind of restaurant that you go to with close friends to savour, not just the ambience, but the whole rustic Spanish dining experience.

La Vinateria del Call’s address is C/ Sant Doménec del Call, 9; and they are open daily from 6.00pm.