The National Museum is something that shouldn’t be missed, for art lovers and history buffs alike. You’ll be able to explore more than 2,00 different paintings from some of the most incredible European artists of all time. With art from between the 13th and 19th century, you’ll be able to experience not just British history, but Western European history. With masterpieces by Da Vinci and Van Gogh, this is an incredible experience for everybody.

It’s a relaxing way to spend the afternoon, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You’ll be entering an astonishingly beautiful journey through centuries of history.

The museum is free to enter, too! Technically owned by English citizens, you’ll be able to explore the history for free. With weekly concerts, screenings and lectures, too, you’ll be able to learn even more. A truly unmissable experience – don’t miss out on it!