If you’re a fan of art, then the Tate Modern is an absolute must-see when you visit London. A fantastic museum and one of the most unique places in London, you’ll be able to explore and learn about contemporary art. Your views on art will be challenged and you will be amazed at what the museum has on display.

Located just by the side of the Thames River and in a converted power plant, the ambience is nothing but arty. The museum has one of the best collections of contemporary art in the world, with Warhol pieces and even Picasso masterpieces.

When you get to the Tate, you’ll be able to grab yourself a tour guide and learn as you walk through the museum. There are even some rotating exhibits that feature works f many different artists. You will be charged to see these extra exhibits, but it’s definitely worth it – and if you want a free day out, then the rest of the art works in the Tate are free to explore.