If you’re less into dance music and low-lit clubs, and more into live music, then New Morning is the perfect place to you. This incredible place is more than just a busy Paris nightclub. Instead, this is one of the most famous and welcoming jazz clubs in the city. Jazz enthusiasts, artists, tourists and even A-list celebrities occupy this place during the night. For great drinks, great company and even better music, this place is just absolutely incredible.

Jazz has been at the heart of Paris ever since the end of World War I, when African American musicians began to settle in the city. Ever since, French jazz has become popular, with other kinds of jazz occurring and being played in clubs like this. ‘Gypsy jazz’ is just one kind of jazz that has been created over the years, which has a huge part of this great nightclub.

The New Morning club hosts some of the most famous jazz artists in the land, so if you’re looking for some truly inspirational music and company, make sure you head on down.