Dressed to kill and sipping cocktails – that’s you in Le Cabaret Club. If you’re looking for style and sophistication during your trip to France, then this is the perfect place for you. Completely adult and completely sophisticated, this gorgeous bar will keep you entertained all night. Whether you want to meet new friends, or take your friends out for a drink, it’s the perfect place.

You can have your very own comfortable, cushioned seats in your own alcove, or be sociable with other night-goers and stand around the circular tables and sit on the many cushioned seats. It’s a delightfully comfortable, sociable place to be.

It also offers a combination of North African and Middle Eastern design, which is just one more thing that makes it totally unique.

There are no VIP areas in the club, either; meaning that once you’re in, you can mingle with everybody in the club. For dancing, drinking and socialising, do not miss out on this well-known and energetic nighttime hotspot.