The Restaurant du Palais-Royal is one of the most stylish places in Paris. Whether you’re dining in the afternoon or at night, you’ll be able to experience its incredible ambience and dine on some really beautifully cooked food. The restaurant itself overlooks the incredibly elegant gardens that surround the Louvre. You’re right in the heart of elegant Paris! You’ll enjoy your meal overlooking the bustling city and some of the most beautifully manicured gardens in the world.

The menu is French at heart, too, reflecting its cultural and historic surroundings. You’ll get a real taste of France at the Restaurant du Palais-Royal.

You can enjoy your meal inside the beautifully decorated restaurant, or on beautiful summer days, dine outside on the highly popular terrace tables. Locals and tourists alike are in love with this little French gem, and you should certainly see what the hype is about. You’ll no doubt revel in the beautifully French experience.