Just like in London with the Tube, getting around in Paris is easiest using its underground train network. The famous French Metro is perhaps the best way to get around when you’re in Paris. The Metro has become an iconic part of the city, and it offers 16 lines that operate mostly underground. Open for most of the day, except for the very early hours, the subway system lets locals and visitors travel around the city incredibly quickly. It’s hassle-free, efficient and one of the safest transportation systems in the whole world.

Remember to get a map of the underground trains when you’re in Paris, as this will help you get around with ease. Furthermore, you should try and avoid the rush hour. The trains become packed during the hours 8am-10am and 5pm-8pm. You can still travel within these hours, but you should expect to take a little longer to get to your destinations. All you have to do is plan your trips around the rush hours, and you’ll be absolutely fine!