t really isn’t difficult to see what it is that attracts so many to the Hôtel Westminster each year; a beautiful and elegant place to stay, this accommodation is definitely one of the most romantic in all of Paris.

This four star hotel offers its guests a variety of different rooms to suit their individual needs. All extremely spacious, each are furnished with pieces that are extremely suggestive of the fashions of Louis XV’s era, providing utter luxury to your lodgings.

Take a stroll down into the main foyer, where you will be directed to the hotel’s very own bar; playing live piano music night after night, this is truly the best place to unwind in, perhaps over a cocktail or two.

The fantastic restaurant here, Le Céladon, is well known for the high quality meals that they produce, served in Chinese-themed surroundings. Staff here at the Hôtel Westminster are all very courteous and welcoming, so don’t be afraid to ask their advice on the best Paris locations to visit.