You’ve no doubt seen countless films based in Rome, with actors whizzing round on scooters. The fact is, scooters are really popular in Rome, given that they are a great way of travelling round without getting stuck in the car traffic. If you want to be one of the people that travels on a scooter, then you’re more than able to do so. There are many scooter rental companies across the city, and as long as you have a license, you’ll be fine.

There are very few traffic laws in Rome, and driving a scooter is a great way of getting around without getting stuck in traffic. Simply get in touch with one of the many rental companies in the area, and most of them will drop the scooter off outside of your hotel. Then, when you’ve finished your rental, they will pick it back up from the hotel. It’s a great service and it’s inexpensive. Be careful and have fun!