Gambling was a Venetian passion even back in the golden times of the old republic. If you stay in Venice in the time between November and April you can see this still today, when you visit the Casino Municipale di Venezia, as then it is housed in a grand renaissance palace that was built under supervision of master builder Mauro Codussi. Don’t forget to bring your passport to the visit, and Gentlemen, please wear a jacket. If necessary you can rent a jacket at the casino. It’s a good idea to talk to the receptionist at your hotel as many offer free passes to the casino, if you want to tour the building only. Or you could pay an increased entrance fee of €10 that includes €10 of gambling chips, which will make your entrance fee zero, if you like to gamble.

In the summer months the casino is housed in a more modern building on the Lido. If you like to gamble it’s worth a visit, but don’t expect the grandeur of the winter months.