One of the trendiest nightclubs in Rome is Alien. You can find the venue in the Nuovo Solario area, and this incredibly attractive and stylish disco attracts all kinds of people. No matter whether you’re into fashion, art, dance music, rock music or disco music, you can be sure that all kinds of people will be found rocking away in this incredible night club.

Alien is one of the longest running nightclubs in the city, offering discos during the night. The DJs in the venue come from all over the world, playing house music, electronic music and an awful lot more. They also offer themed nights, fetish nights and revival nights, which incorporate plenty of fun into regular nights out. You won’t find a clubbing experience comparable to this place in the whole city.

So if you’re looking to enjoy the night time as much as the day time, and completely let loose, then this is the perfect night club for you.